Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Maine Event...

The first day of classes began with arriving to class surprisingly early (45 minutes to be exact).  But I was relieved to find that I was not the only one.  Another student had decided to plant herself in the front row and we quickly began conversation. Not even three minutes into discussion she stopped me cold, and asked me to repeat the last thing I had said. So I repeated, “Whadya do after ya moved uptah Mass?”  And then it hit me. I had blown my cover.  “You’re from Maine aren’t you?!” she smiled. 
“Yup”, I said. “I sure am!”
My name is Ashley Pratt and I am a first year Graduate Student studying at Regis College.  I am also a Mainer, and proud of it!  I attending Cony High School then went on to receive my BSN from the University of Maine, Orono.  There I worked for Athletic Development running tailgates, networking at events, and punching tickets at games.  If you have ever seen a Maine Hockey game on TV I was most likely on the ice helping with half-time shows, filming the game from above, or in the stands chanting the “Stein Song”.  Umaine, and certainly Maine Hockey, were some of my fondest memories of my undergraduate degree as the Nursing program was regarded as one of the best in the northeast region. While studying at Umaine I became an active member of Sigma Theta Tau as well as the nursing community at large working in the Lab to educate and mentor other nursing students. 
I recently moved down to Mass after living my whole life in the rural back-roads of Maine to pursue my dream of getting both my masters and my Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner degree.  This blog is meant to inspire as well as educate other students who want to chase the same goal as well as unveil what life is like being a Grad Student at Regis College.  I hope that others can learn from my numerous (and at times humorous) experiences as I make my way through a new school, a new town, and a new life.  

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